Our Editing Fees

Academic or Non-Fiction Edit (£12.50/€15 PER 500 WORDS)

These fees include a detailed copyedit and proofread, as well as comments and suggestions to help you hone your argument if necessary. We make sure your writing is clear and your reasoning persuasive. If your work is in a technical field (e.g. IT, law, science or medicine), these fees may vary. Please get in touch so that we can look at the specific details of your project and give you a competitive quote.

Business Edit (£12.50/€15 PER 500 WORDS)

These fees include a careful proofread of your business document, whether it is a CV or résumé, job advertisement, speech, presentation, website, flyer, article, newsletter, business proposal, tender or bid. We will also make your writing as persuasive and informative as possible to ensure the best possible benefit to your business, whether that is increasing your customer base or impressing an existing or potential employer.

Fiction Edit (£12.50/€15 PER 500 WORDS)

These fees include a comprehensive project report, tailored to your specific project and its needs, covering areas such as overall writing style, plot, structure, characters, and so on, as well as a detailed line edit and proofread to smooth your writing and delivery.

Agent Targeting (POA)

When you’re ready to send off your work, we can help you compose a personalised submission letter and compile a list of agents suitable for your project. With our industry experience, we can offer advice no one else can.